Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why Do People Smoke Cannabis?

There's an issue that's frequently requested - so why do people smoke cannabis?

Globally, marijuana is easily the most generally used street drug. A 2007 survey discovered that 14.4 million folks the America alone had smoked cannabis at least one time within the last thirty days.

You will find a number of reasons that individuals take drugs and that we certainly do not have all of the solutions. However, you will find some classic mental reasons that individuals start and then smoke weed that people can explore.

Mental reasons

The mental causes of taking drugs could be like the reasons that individuals buy things, visit certain websites or choose an impulsive or momentary strategy at any particular time.

While dopamine transmitters constitute only one Percent from the brain they "are wired" in the most crucial parts.

Dopamine is generally connected using the "reward system", supplying feelings of delight and reinforcement to motivate someone to perform certain activities.

Dopamine is launched and rewards encounters for example food, sex, and drugs.

The purpose of dopamine transmitters is not fully understood however it could explain a number of "urges" in human behavior. We'll naturally be drawn to any action that delivers an incentive. It might explain why humans will require drugs to have an immediate reward whenever a long term negative effect is fully understood.

Here's an action flow diagram which might explain the procedure:

    Requirement for existence to alter > Do something > Receive benefit > Learn association

We are conditioned to look for food and therefore are compensated with nourishment in addition to a "dopamine reward" that is then learned therefore the process could be repeated. Drugs may also provide us with an optimistic experience (the "high") which combined having a "dopamine reward" that is then "learned" and encourages habitual behavior.

This could explain the circular causation that lots of addicts experience. They're bored (hunger), take drugs (nourishment), are compensated, discover the association, and so the the next time the positive associations are strengthened thus developing a habit.

So, everyone has dopamine transmitters only some people take drugs. What exactly would be the some other reasons?

To suit in / pressure from peers

Among the most powerful mental factors to describe behavior is famous by a number of expressions for example "monkey see, monkey do", "pressure from peers" and "social proof". This is often referred to like a copying or resembling of behavior we have seen around us.

For a number of reasons we're conditioned to complete as others around us do. So, simply enough, if you will find many people smoking weed around us, we will probably follow.

This pressure to suit in could be a more effective among more youthful people as everyone knows. However, taking drugs simply to easily fit in isn't the whole picture and will not be understood this way. However, it might be a contributory factor.

Copying of role model / hero

One more reason why people smoke weed is allied towards the previous reason for copying behavior. People naturally attempt to copy the behavior of people which are locked in esteem with a peer group. So copying the drug taking habits of celebs could be described in by doing this.


Probably the most natural part models for most of us are their parents. Many children "learn" to consume alcohol using their parents after which once the results of this drug aren't appreciated marijuana can appear an appealing alternative.


Similarly, with respect to the individual and also the "stage" in adolescence or youthful their adult years, smoking grass can appear just like a method of distinguishing themselves using their parents.


Existence for everybody could be demanding sometimes. Youthful individuals are particularly prone to sudden bouts of stress and smoking dope is visible like a temporary release out of this tension

Experiment / take risks

Youthful people, males particularly, could be vulnerable to taking greater risks and also to experiment a lot more than people of other age range.


Many religions stress the significance of smoking cannabis to locate yourself emotionally.


Marijuana is proven to be a discomfort reliever for a number of conditions. For youthful women it may be particularly useful in combating period pains.


And finally, there might be some evidence that the inclination to become hooked on mind-changing substances might be hereditary.

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