Friday, March 9, 2012

Medical Marijuana and Glaucoma

Glaucoma is really a symptom in the attention that may eventually finish in blindness. From the 4 million People in America believed to possess some type of glaucoma, as much as half seem to be not aware from it.

Based on the World Health organization, glaucoma may be the second leading reason for blindness. Among African People in America, that statistic jumps to number 1.

Many people acquainted with glaucoma realize that the seniors are particularly prone to the problem, but anybody of all ages could be affected unexpectedly. Some investigation implies that glaucoma might be hereditary, but science continues to be unclear precisely what causes glaucoma to build up.

What has been discovered is, together with other medicines, medicinal marijuana has reduced the degeneration of vision triggered by glaucoma. Generally, pressure within the eye is among the reasons for glaucoma. Medicinal marijuana is advantageous because of a number of its chemicals reducing interocular pressure, also called IOP, up to twenty-5 %.

Some say this is an minor gain when comparing the dangerous unwanted effects of marijuana, but that conclusion is sort of biased and without true details. While marijuana may cause a heightened heart risk with a seniors patients, many people report virtually no unwanted effects whatsoever with regular, medicinal utilization of marijuana. That's far in the pages of possible unwanted effects and horror tales that is included with the weakest of prescription drugs.

Marijuana isn't a magical cure-all in treating glaucoma. You will find - and really should be - other medicines and remedies, including drops that further reduce pressure within the eye by dilation along with other means. Regrettably, a number of these techniques can lose their effectiveness with time, and also, since there's presently no known remedy for glaucoma, alternative healthcare means are not only seen more suitable, but necessary.

Researchers are working hard trying to produce a delivery system for glaucoma patients that will permit these to make use of medicinal marijuana with no need to smoke it. So far, alternative delivery systems for medicinal marijuana have shown less effective than inhalation, as well as consuming the guirana plant in small doses.

It's highly suggested that after age 40, routine eye inspections are given with a professional almost every other year. This can greatly reduce the odds recently stage glaucoma permanently affecting vision.

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