Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Alternative Medicine - What Is Energy-Based Medicine And Is It Effective?

Nearly all health-care systems in remote antiquity were some form of energy-based medicine. Some of these have been in continuous use since. Considered alternative medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Tibetan Medicine and others are all energy-based medicine, though complete entities and not just modalities within alternative medicine. There are perhaps hundreds or even thousands of modalities, therapies, treatments and support systems that fall in the energy-based medicine category and far more in alternative medicine.

Energy-Based Medicine Is a Category in Alternative Medicine. What Does it Do?

Today energy-based medicine is composed of holistic medical entities, modalities and therapies classified within a category with the same name, within alternative medicine. All of the modalities in energy-based medicine are considered to be of little or no use to allopathic medicine.

To date, most of the modalities in energy-based medicine include the spiritual aspect of human existence. Even today we express this energy in different ways, that we pick up "vibs" from another person, and indeed all of us at one time or another have had experiences with these energy fields in some way or another. Do these things really exist or are they figments of imagination? Do we have a sixth sense through which we can experience clairvoyance, ESP and other esoteric energies? To the unbelieving or insensitive person, alternative medicine, not to mention, energy-based medicine, is pure bunk.

In energy-based medicine, and almost all the rest of alternative medicine, therapy and treatment is incomplete without the consideration of not only the physical being, but the spiritual, emotional, and in some cases, social. Almost all cultures have also been aware of the energetic aspect of human health and proposed a series of energy channels and centers in the body. Examples would be the chakras in Ayurveda and other South Asian medical entities. Body energy (vital life energy proper) travels down through the body from the head to the feet and hands. In South Asian medicine, life energy force is called "chi" or "qi." Yin/Yang, meridians and meridian points make up the intricate maze of channels in the body through which the energy travels. They are mainstream health-care systems serving the regions in which they exist, however, to Western medicine, they are alternative medicine.

The Healing Qualities of Life Force Energy

In most energy-based medicine, in fact, most modalities found in alternative medicine, it is believed that when these passages become blocked restricted, or energies traveling the wrong way, the individual becomes subjected to disease and illness. Practically all modalities found in alternative medicine seek the origin of a disease or ailment rather than treating symptoms bio-medically. Energy-based medicine stimulates life force energies and balancing them. The basic ways are through meditation, exercise, and depending on the region, acupuncture and similar therapies.

Alternative medicine embraces these modalities and derivatives. Whilst a few therapies are not concerned with prana or chi energy, they non-the-less, utilize the laying on of hands (or coming into close proximity with the patient) through the hands of the practitioner comes healing energies. Whilst some of these procedures are Asian, some are also Western though the concepts behind them have originated in Asian countries.

Is Energy-Based Medicine Efficacious?

Basically all energy-based medicine is considered alternative medicine in the eyes of the allopathy because the modalities within remain out of sorts with scientific experimentation for a number of reasons. The energy fields have not been proven to actually exist as no instrument has the sensitivity to detect them. Albeit their existence and efficacy have been relatively suggestive by the test of time. Scientific analysis minimizes the phenomenon as, for the most part, a product of the placebo effect.

There are, however, reports, claims and circumstances that prove with little doubt that these energies exist, they can affect health and healing hands from trained practitioners are therapeutic. For the most part, the modalities in energy medicines receive less respect today because they have been relegated to the ranks of alternative medicine, outside of the highly respected scientific arena.

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