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Alternative Medicine - The Other Choice

Alternative medicine is a general term that describes several forms of treatment, cures and relief that are derived from sources other than traditional medicine. The therapies, medical approaches and philosophies that are encompassed in the term alternative medicine are too many to be satisfactorily discussed in just a week. There are some forms of alternative medicine which are more widely used and well known than others. These more popular forms of alternative medicine have been accepted by many people and is widely practiced.


This form of alternative medicine is a sort of therapy which is practiced with the use of special needles. These specially designed needles are thin and long which make it easier to insert them into the human body. The filiform needles are inserted into specific points in the human body which are designated for pain relief or therapy. This form of alternative medicine therapy originated from China. The Chinese developed a system of meridians from which energy is supposed to flow. Tapping into these meridians with the use of the acupuncture needles will help to relieve several conditions and ailments that a person may be experiencing as well as help to relax and even reduce weight.

There are so many different studies concerning acupuncture since this is one of the more popular forms of alternative medicine but the results are basically inconclusive. There are some health organizations that do acknowledge the positive effect acupuncture but traditional medicine do not. Many traditional medical practitioners claim that while acupuncture may not be effective there is nothing to lose if the patient would really like to try it. The use of clean and sterile needles as well as the application of the said practice by responsible and well trained specialist is musts for this form of alternative medicine. Whether it has a placebo effect of real effect on people may depend entirely on how receptive the person may be to it.


This form of alternative medicine involves the treatment of disorders and other conditions through the application of pressure on the musculoskeletal system. In basic terms, the body, through realignment of the bones and pressure on the muscles is supposed to recover its balance and be relieved or cured from some conditions and disorders. This alternative medicine form of therapy uses the manipulation of the individual's joints, spine and other soft tissues to encompass the general application of manual therapy. The manipulation and manual therapy is basically done by the chiropractor but he can also assign a series of exercises and related therapies which the patient can do on his own at home.

This alternative medicine therapy was founded in the late 1800's. This practice enjoys much popularity in large areas of North America and also some parts of Asia. Chiropractic medicine is found to be effective in treating back pain and other condition related to the joints and bones. This alternative medicine therapy is acknowledge by may traditional medicine doctors as treatment for back pain but generally it is still considered as therapy and not actually medicine or cure. There is some controversy regarding the safety of the practice since there are some bogus chiropractors who have "accidents"


Naturopathy is a form relief or treatment which includes several forms of alternative medicine therapies and treatments. The concept of naturopathy is that the body can heal itself without the need of traditional medicine through the various forms of natural medicine. The use of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, botanical medicine, homeopathy, nutrition and even the practice of good hygiene are said to be include din naturopathy. Many people believe in this ideal and strive to heal or treat themselves through the use of natural forms of alternative medicine.

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