Friday, September 20, 2013

LST Training For Maximum Yield Of Your Cannabis Plant

1. Now it's time to aquire some plants be it seedling or the use of clones. when your plant develops 3 to 4 leaf nodes, Some people like to use up to 5, I don't

because the further you go the thicker the branches become making it harder to manipulate the main stem without breaking it.

2. There is a few different ways to bend and manuver your plant, I like to use a metal coat hanger cut down to approximatly 4" long and bend the end into a U

Gently bending the main stock and holding in shape. Place the U shape metal stake so the U hooks over the inner-node in between the last section of water leaves (fan-leaf).

3. Now its time to sit back and watch the magic start to happen, watch and abserve how the leaves of you plant start to lift and gravitate to the light this process start to happen right away, and usually in about 3 to 4 hours with my 300w full spectrum LED the leafs stand tall again.

4. veg time now you have to wait until you get a new leafs or node section you'll begin to see a lots of side branching because of the good light penetration. pay attention to how your side branches lift to the light also.

5. Your pot size will determine if you have to transplant or not. I like starting off with the pots that I am growing in for the simple fact that once I start to stake and form the plant, I don't want to un stake and tie to re-stake and tie in a new pot. A good ideal is to plan how you want to stake your plant to get the desired growth you want. For my particular grow I like to use 8 to 10" pots they fit well in my garden.

6. Now you see your new leaf set has formed and is long enough to continue bending its time to start shaping by bending in horizontal circle spiraling from the center of the pot until you have fill the pot. by this time you will be seeing lots and lots of side branches that start stand vertical as they grow in. (Not a bad time to start LST, FIM, and Topping techniques to greatly multiply your yields). The object is to get light to as many colas heads as possible.

7. From here on out follow and repeat steps 4 through 6 keep tying down until you get the results your looking for. Its up to you to choose how you like to tie your plant down and what you use to tie down your plant is your preference. Dare to be adventurous and develop an awesome growing style that works for you.

8. Now you should be pretty happy with your results by this time, now what you do is continue tying down all the new growth filling in all the empty spots

inside your pot while making a (JOG) Jungle Of Green. Now at this point in time you should be removing any fan leave that are in the center of your pot to allow for great light penetration and opportunity for more bud colas and less fan leaves.

LST Using String
9. Now you have used all your space its time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor and be amazed by your flowering plant. Instead of having just one collas like a conventional weed plant you now have the opportunity using theses advance grow techniques to have as many collas as you want the more the better.

10. That's it, now its time to turn your plants, set your timer to a 12/12 light cycle and watch your master piece flower bloom, Happy 420.

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