Monday, May 14, 2012

Conspiracy Or Not, The Banning of Medical THC is Killing Millions

The United States government launched a highly successful anti-marijuana campaign back in the 1930's that led to the end of the hemp industry and the outlawing of medical marijuana. Since then, people opposed to the prohibition have asked why they did it. Most point their fingers at Big Business, particularly the pharmaceutical industry and other industries that were threatened by the hemp paper and textile industries. Others dismiss these critics as wild "conspiracy nuts." The fact is, it doesn't really matter why THC is illegal. What matters is the fact that millions of people needlessly suffer and die every year because they cannot make use of the safest and most effective proven cure for cancer the world has ever known: THC.
The Paper Industry Conspiracy Theory
Back in 1930, the U.S. government formed the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (FBN). The FBN instigated America's first "War on Drugs." Between 1930 and 1934, the bureau, under Harry Anslinger's leadership, focused its efforts on opiates. Then, for inexplicable reasons, it targeted marijuana, a substance the American public knew best as a medicinal herb and had no previous history of widespread abuse or addiction.
Helped by funding by business giants William Randolph Hearst and the Dupont Chemical Corporation, the FBN launched a major anti-marijuana propaganda campaign. The Hearst newspaper group printed lurid stories about hideous crimes that were being committed by crazed marijuana addicts. Suddenly, a previously disinterested public was in a panic over the evils of marijuana. The success of this campaign led to the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and hemp was no longer a threat to Hearst's pulp mills or Dupont's patented chemicals that are vital in the manufacture of paper from trees.
The Pharmaceutical Industry Conspiracy Theory
The case against "Big Pharma" is so exhaustive one cannot encapsulate it in a few words. The enshrining of synthetic drugs as mankind's only hope for medical salvation goes back to the Flexner Report of 1908, when the report's author, Abraham Flexner, advocated stricter criteria for entry into medical schools. While an argument can be put forward that this was a sincere attempt to improve medical training, Flexner was openly contemptuous of practitioners of plant based "folk medicine" and after his recommendations were accepted, all colleges and universities that taught traditional medicine were either closed or dropped it from their curriculum. By 1935, the number of medical schools in the United States was half what it was at the turn of the century. Today, all of the remaining schools depend on the pharmaceutical industry for their funding. As a result, the only kind of medicine a physician learns today is medicine that benefits the pharmaceutical industry and it is illegal for a physician to administer or even recommend alternative, plant based treatments for any disorder.
It would be nice to think that everyone in the medical establishment was working together for the public good, but the evidence overwhelmingly shows that our welfare is the least of their concerns. One glaring example of this is the 1974 study conducted by researchers at the Medical College of Virginia. When they discovered that THC was shrinking tumors in their laboratory mice, the FDA responded by shutting down their National Institute of Health funded program and suppressing the release of the clinical data. The NIH, in turn, responded by cutting off their funding, because they failed in their mission to find evidence that THC damaged the immune system.
The news that naturally extracted THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, cured cancer was so disturbing that President Nixon signed a law in 1976 prohibiting any researchers outside of the pharmaceutical industry from studying the medical benefits of cannabis. In the thirty years since then, these companies have concentrated their efforts on finding ways to make a synthetic THC that does not produce a "high" while they continue to market expensive and deadly chemical treatments for cancer.
The Theory of Evolution was not entirely Charles Darwin's discovery. Other scientists had been discussing it for centuries behind closed doors because they risked persecution if they publicly put forward their theories. Darwin just happened to come along at a time in history when the power of the church was on the wane. Today, those who have discovered that THC, a natural cancer treatment, is the world's safest and most effective treatment for cancer and its only known cure are fighting the same kinds of medieval prejudices evolutionary scientists faced in earlier centuries. Hopefully, one day we will all be laughing at the ignorance of the High Priests of medicine who have been working so hard to keep the truth from us for so long. In the meantime, though, over 1500 people in the United States continue to die from cancer each and every day.

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