Monday, February 13, 2012

Volcano Vaporizer Digit with Solid Valve and Free Case

Volcano Vaporizer Digit with Solid Valve and Free CaseThe Volcano offers the most pure vapor delivery of any vaporizer in the world!
Our focus on authentic Storz and Bickel merchandise means we can give you an iron-clad 30 day money back guarantee on all products. Along with the Company's 2 year warranty, you can try your Volcano risk free with discreet shipping and the best service in the business.

And now we offer extended money-back gift protection which allows you to return any unopened unused items up to 60 days from the date of purchase! It's the best warranty and guarantee program in the business!

The Digit is Storz and Bickel's newest development. The Digit has the highest tolerances, and the tightest control over temperatures. It is the best Vaporizer on the Market.

The set-up is very similar to the Classic. The difference is that the Digit has a plus minus one point five degree tolerance level whereas the Classic is plus minus four degrees. The Digit is the best vaporizer made. It holds the tightest and most accurarte temperature range of any vaporizer.

The Solid Valve Set is the tried and true traditional system. Most people think the Solid Valve system is the best. The Solid Valve System is more popular than the Easy Valve System.

With the Solid Valve, you use replaceable balloon material so you can make any size (length) bag you want. And, you can also use the larger US Reynlods Turkey Bags in a pinch. Many people prefer the Solid Valve system because it lasts forever and you can use alternative (oven cooking bag compatible) material.

With the Solid Valve, you do not have to rely on buying replacement Valve-Balloons.

We always keep all types of Volcano Vaporizer balloon materials, bags, and replacement valve-bags (for the Easy system and the Solid System) in stock, all the time. We offer the widest selection of Volcano parts and accessories in the world?

The Volcano Digit with Solid Valve is a great Combination!
Price: $669.00

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