Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drug Addiction - The Role Hypnosis Plays in Recovery

Drug abuse and addiction is a growing epidemic in our society. Whether the substance is heroin, cocaine, marijuana, cannabis or cigarettes, there are both physical and psychological factors that make it extremely difficult to quit. Even after someone has successfully detoxed and withheld from using the drug, the battle often continues when trying to maintain sobriety. With the threat of relapse always waiting in the wings, it is important to have on-going therapy and support systems in place to prevent the person from returning to their addictive behaviours. There are many options for treatment, including talk therapy, support groups, medication, hypnosis therapy and hypnosis downloads.

As treatment is very individual it is important to look into and consider which method will best serve you on your road to recovery and overcoming addiction. Many of these therapies complement each other and can be used together to achieve the most successful relief of your drug addiction. One method that is particularly helpful is hypnosis therapy and the use of hypnosis downloads. This treatment can be facilitated through a licensed clinical hypnotherapist or even done at home on your own time. The benefit of doing it yourself is that you have a tool at your disposal whenever you feel like you might give in to your drug abuse and addiction. It also allows you to go through the program more often than you would with a clinician. This helps reinforce your positive behaviours and also does not end up costing you endless amounts of money.

Like most addictions, using heroin, cocaine, or any other drug, is often a complicated matter. Whatever the reason that prompted the initial use, whether due to curiosity or a need to escape from life, drug abuse and addiction quickly takes hold and works on many subconscious levels to keep it going. Obviously the physical hurdles of drug abuse and addiction are well-known. However, even after detox takes place, the psychological aspect might bring us right back to our old behaviours.

Oftentimes we want to stop the addiction but something internally keeps holding us back. Even after discovering some of the reasons for our drug addiction in traditional talk therapy, overcoming addiction can be extremely difficult. In order to address these reasons on a more accessible level, hypnosis therapy can often be used quite effectively. It works by tapping into our subconscious mind and works to overcome the things that might be keeping us stuck in our negative behaviour patterns. By communicating at this level, hypnosis downloads can continue working on the root of the problem in order to keep you in recovery long after the initial detox is complete.

Thomas Inglis Smith is a qualified counsellor, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and life coach specialising in addictions. He also produces audio hypnosis recordings. For a free 'recession busting' hypnosis download please visit Self Hypnosis Downloads

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